Thursday, November 04, 2004

Darkest Before Dawn

I saw this on Atrios, who got it from the transcript of the press conference.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Now that I've got the will of the people at my back, I'm going to start enforcing the one-question rule. That was three questions.
[. . .]
PRESIDENT BUSH: Again, he violated the one-question rule right off the bat. Obviously you didn't listen to the will of the people.
I wonder how often this line will be used in the next four years. For a visual representation of Bush’s mandate, visit Pandagon.

Someone asked me what they could do, in the next four years, besides staying informed. I don’t know what to do, but I think there are a few things that need to happen.
One, Democrats need to build a stronger party platform, taking back the language stolen from them by the Republicans. The platform should be built from the inside out, not as a reaction to the Republicans. The Dems go on the defensive too often to be appealing.
Also, a strong focus should be placed on local elections. I don’t want to see the kind of heavy-handed party control that the Republicans have, but there should be a stronger network of those officials that share Democratic values. Putting a good progressive face on local officials will make hearts and minds more receptive to Democrats in larger elections.
On top of all of that, we need to hold the media accountable. Forget Fox and Limbaugh. I’m more concerned with the regular lazy media that follows Fox’s talking points – the media that does not seem to do any research on its own. If a story is only half-reported, there must be a backlash. I think the general population would like more information, but news media does not want to take the risk. They follow conventional formula and this means less substantial information. By holding media accountable, we will be holding Republicans accountable.

We have a strong tool in the Internet (or Internets). It is a good way to network, raise money, get people involved in letter-writing campaigns, petitions. We need to make sure that the US knows what it bought in this election.

I have heard a few voices say that they doubt the election results. I have no problem with this idea and am anxious to see all of the votes counted, and all of the doubtful election results investigated. This will in no way mean that Bush will not be President and I do not believe in any legal action. In the last election people just rolled over to have it done with. Now, the occasional election fraud should be added to the litany of wrongdoing by Bush & Co.
These questions and other controversies must continue to be placed in the public eye. Bush is not getting a fresh start. His mistakes in the first four years will have a long, rippling effect and we cannot let the country turn a blind eye as it is so often wont to do.
BUSH: I have some political capital and now I’m going to use it.
And we on the left are going to play off of it and make sure that the next election brings a strong Democrat to the White House and Congress. More than that (because I generally do not think of myself as a Democrat), the nation and voters must continue to be spurred out to the polls. We just have to make sure they know the facts first.

I just heard that Elizabeth Edwards has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was impressive on the campaign trail and is a beautiful and well-spoken woman. I wish her good health.