Saturday, November 06, 2004

Fun With Voting

I'm heavy on the blogging tonight. It's like therapy.
Here are some must-see fun voting facts:

O'Reilly lies (gasp) about the voters:

"In a discussion about what went wrong for Democrats in the November 2 election, FOX News Channel host Bill O'Reilly claimed that Democrats "lost votes from four years ago"; that "18- to 24[-year-old]s didn't go" to the polls; and that "[c]ommitted Republicans didn't carry the day for the president; independents did." All three claims are false." - Media Matters for America
Something smells rotten in the voting booth. Here are numbers that Randi Rhodes cited, which show the exit polling as near-correct in paper-ballot states and way off in electronic-voting states.

Then again. . .

Finally, if you want to satisfy all of your righteous indignation needs, go to and read about what's going on with investigations into all the fraud. That site is affiliated with Bev Harris, while is not.