Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Marginalizing Ourselves

I feel like crap today, but I just had to write quickly about the whole vote-counting thing.
I'm not going to shout fraud. Such a thing would be hard to prove, and almost impossible to connect to the Republican Party.
I do want all of the votes counted, and extreme scrutiny placed on the voting systems in this country. The media silence on this issue is deafening. I was actually shocked when I did hear about it on one news program last night.
The Democratic Party is also avoiding a stance on this issue.

I understand the need to calm down those who are using the "f" word and throwing around accusations. But the Democratic Party has fallen into this trap before. In order to avoid looking foolish or rabid, they think, we must ignore this faction of the party.
But that only helps the Right characterize Democrats as rabid left-wingers. The media can flippantly mention those fringe groups with their crazy ideas, because there is no moderate voice addressing the issues they raise. The Democrats are helping the Republicans marginalize this contingent. Meanwhile, as we have seen, the Dems do not escape any damage from criticism of those groups.

As I've said before, the Democratic Party needs to embrace those with seemingly radical ideas, especially when they are based in fact. The voting problems are real and must be dealt with. I want the Democratic Party to be the party of having every vote be counted.
Even the media would find it hard to marginalize half of the country. Let's present a united front, a strong and moderate voice.