Monday, November 15, 2004

No Liberal NY Times Elitists On Our Soil

Last night I watched a post-election focus group of voters in Ohio. I was struck by how often Bush supporters repeated Fox talking points and phrases common to the media. One man noted that Bush stayed the course and wasn't the type to change his mind after reading the New York Times.
Sound familiar?

Some people even said things that made no sense. One woman noted that she felt Bush had more real-world experience. She did not like Theresa Heinz Kerry because she felt that Laura Bush had more life experience and had gone through hardships.
This woman also noted that the economy was an important issue and implied that Bush understands the needs of families in the changing economy.

One thing I kept hearing was that Kerry had no plan or that he only used rehearsed talking points and never addressed his plan.
Of course, I agree. Bush had a comprehensive plan to put before the people. He's going to turn the corner and fight the terrorists over in Iraq so we don't have to fight them on our soil. Who cares if he can't pay for any of it? Kerry's a flip-flopper. He can't pay for his plan either. The plan that he doesn't have, I mean.
Oh, and that hunting stunt was just too ridiculous. "Come on," one man said, "that's just insulting." Yeah. How dare Kerry go hunting during the campaign. I don't care if he enjoys hunting. He's only doing it for the votes.
And Bush on that fishing show? Ever since he was a little boy growing up in Texas he wanted to be on a fishing show. How folksy and adorable.

It's marketing people. Marketing and media. So what the hell can we do about it? It can't just be about selling our candidates. It has to be about debunking these ridiculous myths they've set up about the warm and cuddly Republicans.