Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Where Are The Beans?

Brilliant (as usual) Wolcott piece on Condi Rice's rise in the ranks.

"[. . .]Rice's face is the game face of the Bushies, bony with Unwavering Resolve, eyes fanatical, mouth tensed. She has shown herself to be not a listener but a dictation machine on playback. "The President believes..." "The President has always said..." "The President has very consistent in arguing that..." "The President has said all along..." And now the dictation machine is in a position to dictate to other nations how they can fight terror and help make America a bigger, better empire. It'll be the President wants this, the President wants that, the President is firm in his belief that...

But her incompetence precedes her, as does her presumptuous statement that for their failure to support the U.S. in Iraq, France should be punished, Germany ignored, and Russia forgiven. Punished, ignored, and forgiven for being right in the first place and refusing to take part in this debacle?--such nerve. [. . .]"

And Atrios has provided a handy link to Daily Howler archives on Rice's watch-making testimony to the 9/11 Commission.