Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rolling Up the Sleeves

It's the day after and I woke up hoping for a coup.

We lost. I'm trying not to let it get to me.
Now we have a lot of work to do. The DNC has a lot of work to do. Forget the talk about being less divided. They thought this country was divided last time, but it's just begun.

All of those groups that were formed or rose to prominence in this election need to increase activity. In the media, they need to challenge the conservative and blind talking points with their own set of facts. Pressure needs to be placed on the media and all members of Congress.
We need to make sure that what the Republican voters bought this year is four years of holding the President's feet to the fire and a resounding Democrati victory in the next election.

"Our new effort begins today. A new effort to find frames for tolerance, language for inclusion, and arguments that will persuade and unite. We lost because we not only conceded the South, but those who think like the South." - Pandagon

"And the battle begins anew." - Atrios

"But best of all, we'll continue to see this great resurgence in progressive activism - the kind not seen in American politics in over a generation. None of these new activists heeded the call to arms only to abandon the fight today. We are energised, and will continue to fight for a better future for our country." - Kos

"Bush and friends are going to do a lot of damage over the next four years, and the only way to reverse those losses is to build a viable long-term movement. Progressives have done it before; they can do it again. 2006 is only a few years away." - Plumer

"All of this is not to mean that the donkey can relax and watch the elephant implode. Far from it. As the Moose has mentioned, Democrats need a major overhaul. They cannot concede the south and expect to lay claim to the White House and Congress any time soon. Organization is fine - ideas and message are far superior." - Bull Moose

"The Democrats surprised themselves at their ability to raise tens of millions of dollars, inspire hundreds of thousands of activists, spawn extensive new organizations, attract icons of popular culture and present themselves as unified around a centrist position. Expectations were not dashed. Turnout vastly increased among African-Americans and Hispanics. More than 60 percent of the newly registered voters went for John Kerry. Those concerned about the economy voted overwhelmingly for him; so did those citing the war in Iraq as an issue." - Salon

"The sharp division revealed by the election, then, could persist well beyond voting day." - BBC

"As progressives we're not content to simply live through American history; we intend to make it. We hope you’ll continue to join us, and to contribute to the dialogue that will help us build toward a better future." - Center for American Progress