Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I enjoyed this:

"Good God! What makes it amazing is the way these people discuss this conduct right out in public! We don’t make a point of collecting these items; for example, we didn’t bother discussing that McCain birthday party which compromised member of your “press corps” attended during the GOP convention (more below). But people like Koppel are so blatant about their conflicts that they do become a bit hard to ignore. Examples? Over the course of the past few years, we’ve discussed Bob Schieffer playing golf with George Bush; Gwen Ifill giving home-cooked meals to Condi Rice; and Tim Russert off at Don Rumsfeld’s Christmas party, loudly telling all in attendance about his dreams of the previous night (links below). All of these people then go on the air and pretend to “cover” the people they pal with. Are you really surprised when a flunkee like Ifill goes on the air and rolls over for Condi? Or when all the rest of her compromised cohort pretend that the session was boffo?" - The Daily Howler