Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Honest to God Penetration

"Mr. Kerry usually gave plenty of details; Mr. Bush, even when talking about Social Security reform ("a vital issue in my second term"), did not really explain his plans."

So even The Economist saw this in the debates. Why can't many Americans? Nevermind.

Also in The Economist:
"Voter registration forms need to be in places where young people are going to see them [like] pornography and cigarettes and condoms - places where they can't miss them." - Jake Gyllenhaal.

Well, that's not a bad idea, but registration doesn't necessarily mean voting. I'm concerned about all of those newly-registered voters actually getting to the polls.
I'm also concerned about the education of voters. What has happened to civics classes in this country? We saw last election that many people did not know about the Electoral College. (Check out this article by a friend of mine about reasons to keep the college). The other day one of my news programs did on-the-street interviews of people about the upcoming election. Several of them could not name the Vice President. *sigh*

When in doubt and frustration, I turn to the endless amusement of falafel. Of course, I'm talking about The Onion's mention of the Bill O'Reilly sex scandal.

What Do You Think?:
"Someone's coming at Bill O'Reilly with lurid public accusations of a heinous personal nature? Wow. Sometimes life can be so... fair."

"No wonder it costs $3.99 a minute to call in to 'The Factor.'"

"He wasn't sexually harassing her. He was just looking out for her, like he's doing for all of us, all the time."