Wednesday, October 20, 2004

If Cheney and Bush Say Trick or Treat... has a good article about the poll problem that many of us are suffering with.
Their list of important poll-reading advice:
Pick your pollsters based on past performance
Watch registered -- not likely -- voters

Forget comparative polls -- watch Bush's numbers
Forget the national polls; focus on the Electoral College

"There are other ways to look at this thing -- futures trading, first-wife cookie contests, a geography-based test that compares the candidates' names and the names of cities and towns in America. But if you're grasping for those kinds of straws, maybe it would be better to take a break from the whole thing now. In just two weeks, Tim Russert will be on TV with his handheld white board, moving states from red to blue and back again. All will be known then. Or maybe not."
There is also that story I've gotten about Halloween masks calling the election.

Essexville resident and Camile's shopper Marilyn Merrifield said anyone willing to buy a vinyl mask of a politician definitely would have to support that particular candidate.

"I can honestly say I wouldn't spend $20 on the mask of someone I didn't like or didn't respect," she said.

"I think people actually pick the mask of their favorite. They really do," she said. "Basically, I don't think anyone would want to wear the mask of something they're not for, especially politically."

Merrifield, a Bush supporter, said she couldn't believe how closely most of the masks resembled the figures they were modeled after.

"That's perfect. That is perfect," she said while looking at the likeness of Cheney. "I noticed his first. It stuck out more than anybody's."

Well, yes, Cheney would scare anyone. And, really, wouldn't Bush be the funnier mask? Wouldn't you be more likely to get the mask of someone you thought was ridiculous? I guess it just figures that this woman is a Bush supporter.