Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Sniff His Throne"

The voter fraud is ridiculous.

And anyone who waves the American flag so goddamn proudly on their shirts, bumper stickers, yards, hearts, minds, Bush-supporter cards should realize what they are so proud of involves the right to protest. One caller on Randi Rhodes' show today mentioned that she and her friend were questioned by security at a Bush rally they were trying to attend because they were "20-somethings." According to the caller, they were told by the Secret Service agent that to protest at a Presidential rally was a felony.

I was watching the British House of Commons on C-span the other day and longed for a government where leaders would be asked pointed questions. Can you imagine Bush officials being put in a room with dozens of angry delegates who can shout questions at them. And that those officials would lose faith if they did not answer every question, acknowledge every charge?

The media could do this job better. It has the facts at its command and can force those facts into public view, if they so chose.
As Jon Stewart suggested on Crossfire (view on iFilm) the media has abandoned the people. They continue to pander to the lowest common denominator and the bar gets lower and lower.

As I listen to Rhodes on Air America Radio I hear that SBC has said it will not air the entire Stolen Honor special. I am searching in vain for more news of this.

Now check this out. Is this "POW Story" the same as "Stolen Honor"? I would assume not.
And, in other good news, SBC is being sued...

"A veteran shown in a new film critical of Senator John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activism is suing the producer of the movie, saying it libels him by deceptively editing his statements."

It's almost unbelievable, unless you live in reality.