Friday, October 22, 2004

Oh, It's Just the Silly Season

Republicans and Democrats on TV feel the need to point out that their opponent is doing this or that for "political reasons" or as a "political maneuver." To hear them say otherwise would be more original. To hear them say their candidate is doing it too would be a miracle.
This is another way in which The Media is letting us down. They keep giving airtime to this meaningless partisan rhetoric and then they act as if they've presented both sides of an issue.
As Mark Hyman said today on MSNBC, this is the "silly season" and everything has a political slant. I think he missed the point. Everything the politicians do has a political slant. The Media should help us escape some of that.
Hyman used that phrase in response to a question about why Sinclair prohibited the broadcasting of that infamous Nightline episode (which no one would have watched anyway) on its stations.
I have to give the MSNBC interviewer some credit for pressing the point that none of the allegations in Stolen Honor were anything new (as Hyman kept insisting). In fact, the movie is based on a book called Stolen Valor by BJ Burkett - who got a nice three minute interview on my Nashville Fox show. Did I mention that is the same channel that airs The Point with Mark Hyman every night?

In the interview, Burkett noted that being a Vietnam Veteran has a negative connotation.
Yes. That is why all the politicians court the veterans. That is why millions visit the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. every year.

(As a side note - I have no desire to get in a long discussion about the Kerry/SBVFT thing. It never goes anywhere.)