Saturday, October 23, 2004

Toadies of the People

Nice little parody using that wolf ad.
I want to see the media pick up this blog chatter and say, "The Republican's new ad, using wolves to represent terrorists, is being derided as laughable by many on the left." This would be in the vein of creating a story out of nothing. But, of course, that kind of thing never seems to go to the Democrats.

Meanwhile, I was happy to see Marion Barry on the news tonight. He was almost unintelligible in an interview on D.C. News 8.
I found a recent article about Barry that discusses why he was elected to City Council for ward 8, even with his tumultuous past.

"These [scandals] don't come up because Barry's appeal is emotional and specifically designed to override logic.In this regard, Barry is one in a longstanding tradition of American politicians who used images to auger - and even supplant - ideas. . .
'That's why most leaders 'have no personal values,' says psychohistorian Lloyd deMause. 'They just follow whatever irrational wishes we want to pour in them. So you'll get a wide range of personalities who will become these delegates or toadies of the people when the country is in the mood for irrational activities.'"

"Psychohistorian"-? I didn't realize there was such a thing. So, our country is just suffering from some kind of mood swing lately? (Bush and freedom do go together like pickles and ice cream).

Here's some wisdom from Barry:
"I am a great mayor; I am an upstanding Christian man; I am an intelligent man; I am a deeply educated man; I am a humble man." ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough . . .")

"If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very very low crime rate." (potential Bush version- "If you take out the killings, Iraq is a success")