Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Keyes Is Not Jesus

Alan Keyes is patently ridiculous. Forget that he is running in a state he never lived in, after he criticized Hilary Clinton for something similar (for kicks, read this Republican article by Jan Ireland - "Alan Keyes that is the embodiment of the hope of Martin Luther King, Jr."). Forget that he called Mary Cheney and those like her "selfish hedonists" (he has a gay daughter - shhhh).

Every time this man opens his mouth some new ridiculous words fall out. Unfortunately, his words often echo Bush & Co. even in their extremism.
Today on the news (ABC affiliate in Chicago) I saw Keyes giving speech in a church, presumably to an elderly crowd. Someone asks him a question on the carpetbagging issue and he says (paraphrased) - "If Jesus came to Illinois to run for the Senate you wouldn't accuse him of being from out of state." People got up and clapped, but not anyone in the front five or six pews. And most of the people that got up to clap were young. The reporter noted that this might suggest the speech was stacked with people from the campaign.
The story went on to cover Barack Obama at a retirement center.
Later, in a statement that was probably too political, the reporter noted that Keyes is not Jesus.