Wednesday, October 20, 2004

... the Trouble I've Seen

Rep. Anne M. Northup, KY (R) received $32,000 from Tom DeLay's PAC. This is one of the biggest contributions given to anyone.

"Prosecution documents say Mr. DeLay's PAC raised corporate contributions that were illegal under state law and laundered the money through other groups, including the Republican National Committee, to state candidates. Those indicted in Texas include Mr. DeLay's top political aide and two key fund-raisers.

So it stretches credulity to maintain, as Mr. Delay does, that even though he was actively involved in raising money for his Texas group, making fund-raising appearances, and discussing its strategy and effectiveness in supporting Texas races, he was largely in the dark about its day-to-day operations."

Why does it always seem like no one knows what's going on when they're in charge?