Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Tentacles of Rage"

Why am I just getting the Sept. Harper's Magazine now in Oct.?
This is upsetting as it puts me far behind in my reading. Tentacles of Rage by Lewis Lapham had me all a-flutter and now I see it's old news.
In the newest Weekly Review on Harpers.org: "Poland said that it will begin reducing its forces in Iraq next year. [New York Times] Israel pulled back from its latest invasion of the Gaza Strip, and the [New York Times] University of Haifa began offering a master's degree in disaster management. [Jerusalem Post] President Bush sent Ramadan greetings to Muslims in America and around the globe. [Washington Times] Saddam Hussein underwent a hernia operation. [Agence France-Presse] Doc Holliday got a new tombstone. . .
A senator from Kentucky apologized for saying that his Democratic opponent looks like one of Saddam Hussein's sons."

That last issue was dealt with well in a Salon.com article. "[Sen. Jim] Bunning at first denied in April that he had said at a private Republican Party event that the dark-complexioned Mongiardo looked like one of Saddam Hussein's sons and 'even dresses like them, too.' He admitted making what at best was a bad joke, at worst an ethnic slur, only after realizing it had been videotaped."
And..."Then Bunning's security detail became a campaign issue when the Paducah Sun, citing local police sources, said in August that the senator was concerned about the possibility of an al-Qaida attack. Bunning warned ominously in an interview with a Paducah television station: 'There may be strangers among us.' When pressed, the Bunning campaign said it had requested extra security for Bunning upon the advice of the Senate Sergeant at Arms Office. It turned out, though, that the sergeant at arms had simply suggested that senators in general remain alert. There had been no specific threat against Bunning."

So Bunning and George Bush are going crazy? Maybe it's all the crap in that D.C. water. Then again, they probably don't drink tapwater (think George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove).
You know it's bad when North Korea calls you crazy, and that was in 2002!